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  • Definition: An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) indicates your sales sweet spot where targeted companies represent the best fit for your products. These targets stand to benefit the greatest from adopting your solution tailored to their needs rather than a competitive one.
  • An Ideal Customer:
    wants your product
    – has the technical capability to understand and appreciate applications in the technology spaces where you excel
    – has the authority to specify, design-in  and purchase your technology
    – will re-buy your offerings at acceptable revenue level  and margins on a recurring basis
  • The objective is to target the type of customer where you win the most traction and sales opportunities


  • Identifies what your sales “sweet spot” is
  • Channels promotional expenditure / effort towards the correct target
  • Generate customer buying signals – proactively and reactively
  • Enables the provision of appropriate technology / product content to right specifier at the right time
  • Customer resonance will be achieved when you achieve mind share with the target who in turn contacts you as his “ideal supplier”

For further information on Customer Profiling, please feel free to download our slide deck on this topic: IRc customer profiling 120718