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Technology scouting is a systematic search approach whereby resources are assigned to gather information in the field of science and technology and through which they facilitate or execute technology sourcing. Technology scouting tends to take two forms:

  • Focused / highly directed
  • Scanning / undirected

at a specific technological area or market segment.

Technology scouting relies on formal and informal information sources, including use of personal networks. The characteristics of a technology scout are similar to the characteristics associated with the technological gatekeeper. These include:

  • Being a lateral thinker
  • Knowledgeable in science and technology
  • Wisdom which is respected inside and outside the company
  • Cross-disciplinary orientated
  • Creative and imaginative.

IRconsult acts as a technology scout in a variety of industrial and consumer–related technology industries on a global basis. We bring an economic / market aspect to the process, working closely with senior technologists and product managers in a fast-on-our-feet way and taking advantage of our extensive specialist networks to open doors, delivering value to the client.

Download our Technology Scouting slide set for more information: Scouting July 2018